Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thank You and Help Us Help You!!

We would like to start with thanking everyone for your patience. It has been a crazy start to the new school year!!

We have completed a whopping 482 tech request since August 19th. Last year we averaged 20 tech requests per day with 3 technicians. That averages to about 40 tech requests completed per day!

Amazingly, we still have 160 outstanding tech requests to do. So continue to be patient, we will get to you.

In order to help us get things done more efficiently we need you to help us.

Here are some guidelines to help us get things done faster.
1. Do not call any technician directly.
Please call the Help Desk 231-0055. We asked Dr. Janes and she said you can use personal phones to contact the Help Desk. 
The technicians are using their phones to fix problems and communicate with each other, interrupting them just slows down the process  

2. Do not stop a technician and talk to them about a tech request or ask for a tech request. 
We have a list of 200 we are trying to complete and are doing them in the order they were submitted.
Again stopping them slows them down. If you tell us personally, we will usually forget by the time we get a chance to stop.
(You can stop us and say Hi! We do love it when we get a chance to talk with you.)

3. Do not stop by the Help Desk.
(It is a Secret Location LOL) The Help Desk is busy answering calls and then completing them as quickly as possible.
As an example, an average new user takes 15 to 20 minutes to create completely in the system.
Interrupting this process by knocking on the door is distracting and can cause us to forget where we were in the process.

4. Do not e-mail only one person in the technology department for your tech request.
E-mailing the helpdesk@hannibal.k12.mo.us address sends an e-mail to every technician.
Submitting a tech request also notifies all of us in the department. 
When you contact only one person it can seriously delay how soon your request will be taken care of as each technician is taking turns on the Help Desk and then being in the field working. 
Some of us are in meetings or training all day as well.

The Help Desk
7:30 am - 4 PM everyday school is in session. 231-0055

You can call the Help Desk for anything technology-related and we will try and help you.
If you are unsure if it needs to be a tech request or not sure how to word it, we will submit a tech request on your behalf.
If we cannot help you over the phone, we will schedule when a technician can come and see you, so we no longer have to interrupt during class.
Again, Dr Janes has given permission to use your personal cell phone when contacting the help desk.
 Please feel free to contact us while you are at the problem and we will do our best to get you up and running as soon as possible. 

The Help Desk number is currently being worked on so that we can handle multiple calls at once.
Currently if you call and we are on the line you will receive a busy signal.
Please be patient as we are working on making this rollover so we can handle multiple calls.
If it is busy, try again. If you get our voice mail please leave a message and we will return your call ASAP.

Tech Request

You can still submit a tech request if you want to. If school is not in session or the Help Desk is busy you may want to submit a tech request.
Please know that every technician will receive an e-mail for the tech request. 
Also know that you cannot access the tech request from outside of school.
If you are at home and think of something then feel free to e-mail helpdesk@hannibal.k12.mo.us

For any training request we have made a new e-mail.

As always it is a pleasure being able to serve you.

Your Technology Department

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