Friday, September 25, 2015

Start of the Year Corner Turned...

Today, we had a district inservice day at Hannibal60. The technology department took advantage of this by spending 2/3 of the day working in TO2 (our shorthand for the 2nd technology office). This office is our work space for repairing and preparing computers and other technological devices for disbursement across the district. TO2 is key to the success of our department and is available to us through the kindness of Roger McGregor​, Director of the Hannibal Career and Technical Center, where the office is located. We moved out about 3/4 of the technology in the room in order to arrange it and get it onto pallets for either storage or pallets for recycle. The remainder we returned to TO2 in an organized manner and this equipment will be repaired and distributed as time allows. We also were able to image a laptop as a test to see if doing the same with a cart of like laptops is worth the effort or not. We were able to work through the rights issue for a nagging server share that we had working last year, but for some reason wasn't working this year. Finally, we were able to verify that the printer rollout via GPO was working at Stowell Elementary. A very productive day where several long-standing issues were finally put to rest. The work never ends and there are many many more things to be done, but I believe it is safe to say that the "start of the school year" issues have been corrected. For me, this means a little more time to dedicate to working with teachers and students in the classroom. So, teachers, if you have needs and would like me to visit to give your technology-integration needs the personal touch, send me an email! We'll get you on the calendar.

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